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Slim Bootloader

Welcome to the Slim Bootloader project!

Slim Bootloader is an open-source boot firmware solution, built from the ground up to be secure, lightweight, and highly optimized while leveraging robust tools and libraries from the EDK II framework.

What is a Bootloader?

Just like a typical BIOS, Slim Bootloader is the piece of software responsible for initializing the core hardware components of the system when it is powered on, followed by the loading and launching of the desired operating system.

Slim Bootloader offers the flexibility for OEMs, device manufacturers, and hobbyists to isolate, configure, and optimize for the the specific requirements of the system thereby achieving unparalleled boot performance and minimizing firmware footprint.

Supported Platforms

Slim Bootloader currently has support for Apollo Lake based designs including

  • UP Squared maker board
  • Intel Leaf Hill customer reference design
  • MinnowBoard 3 Module

Additionally, Slim Bootloader supports booting a virtual machine via QEMU.

Getting Started

Documentation for compiling, using, and extending Slim Bootloader can be found here.

You can contact us directly on the mailing list:


Slim Bootloader is released under the terms of the BSD license. Please see the LICENSE file for the full terms of the license.