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hello, slim.js

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Hello, slim.js

Official website here Documentation here

Slim is ultra fast, native and elegant library for web components development

Slim.js is a lightning fast library for development of native web-components and custom-elements based modern applications. No black magic involved. It uses es6+DOM native API and boosts up HTML elements with superpowers.

Is this another framework

No! It's a slim code layer that adds superpowers to HTML elements, using the browser native capabilities. But... wait! there's more:

  • It has data binding
  • It can be extended
  • It feels like a framework (but in a good way)
  • It's as small as 5302 GzBytes!
  • Single file, good to go.
  • No tools required, everything is based on native browser API. Choose your own tools.

Standards compilant

  • es6
  • web-components V1
  • no transpiling or compilation required

Tools free

  • add Slim.js to your project and your'e good to go


The documentation site is built with Slim.js. Check out the source code, it's easy.

Contibutors are welcome.


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