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Turn your Wordpress website into an event/show/concert-driven website.
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Theatre for Wordpress

Events vs. productions

Theatre uses productions to group your individual events. Each production has it's own page and can have one or more events. Events don't have their own pages. They only appear on pages with event listings.

So if you run a theatre then 'The Sound Of Music' is a production and the show this weekend is an event. If you're a musician then your band is a production and your gigs are the events.

Website owners


  1. Look for 'theatre' in the Wordpress plugin directory.
  2. Install the Theatre plugin (by Jeroen Schmit, Slim & Dapper).
  3. Activate the plugin.

Your Wordpress admin screen now has a new menu-item in the left column: Theatre.

Managing your events

Let's add a single event.

Make sure that the Show events on production page.-option is checked on the Theatre/Settings page.

First create a production:

  1. Click on Theatre/Productions.
  2. Click on Add new.
  3. Give your production a title, some content and a featured image.
  4. Click on Publish.
  5. Click on View post

You are now looking at your first production. It probably looks exactly like any other post or page.

  1. Edit the event you just created.
  2. In the right column, click on 'New event'.
  3. Set the event date, venue and city. Make sure the event date is a date in the future. Optionally, add an URL for the tickets.
  4. Click on Publish.
  5. Click on the title of your production.
  6. Click on View post

Your should now see your production with the event details at the bottom!

Upcoming events

To add a listing with all upcoming events to your Wordpress website:

  1. Create a new blank page (eg. 'Upcoming events').
  2. Place [wp_theatre_events] in the content.
  3. Publish the page and view it.
  4. Done!

It is also possible to paginate the listing by month by altering the shortcode a bit:

[wp_theatre_events paginateby="month"]


Theatre also comes with two widgets to show your upcoming events in the sidebar:

  • Theatre Events: a list of upcoming events.
  • Theatre Productions: a list of productions with upcoming events.

You can limit the size of the lists in the corresponding widget's settings.

Production pages

Production pages look exactly the same as regular post pages. However, you can add a listing of all the events for the current production to the page.

You have two options:

  • Check 'Show events on production page' on the Theatre settings page in the Wordpress admin. The listing is added to the bottom of the content of the production.
  • Add the [wpt_production_events] shortcode to the content of the production.

Theme developers

Check out the documentation.


Theatre integrates nicely with existing Ticketing solutions. Available integrations:

Need integration with another ticketing system? Drop me an email and I will look into it.

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