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Slim 4 Roadmap

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Key features for Slim 4

These are the top-level features of Slim 4:

  • PSR-15 support for middleware
  • PSR-15 request handler support for route callables
  • PSR-15 request handler support for App
  • PSR-11 support
  • Container independence
  • Separate PSR-7 implementation
    • PSR-17 support in Slim-Psr7
    • Full PSR-7 compliance in Slim-Psr7
  • Decorator for Slim's PSR-7 convenience methods in Slim-HTTP
  • More flexible error handling
  • Replace built-in "magic" features with middleware
  • Ensure Slim 4 is as easy to use without a Skeleton as Slim 3 is

Does Slim 4 need something else? Open an issue!


Required before release

These items are needed in order to release Slim 4.0:

To discuss

These items need to be discussed and a decision made before Slim 4.0 is released:

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