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admin Added: Admin template with RTL support by Bounama Kouider Aug 17, 2016
files Fixed : add <![CDATA[ to XML detail data Jun 25, 2015
images Fixed: Circulation bugs printed receipt doesn't show record title cor… Mar 23, 2014
install Fixed: type within file Oct 19, 2017
lib Added: New contributor on behalf of Ismail Fahmi Nov 9, 2016
m mengaktifkan link fullsite di tampilan moda bergerak Apr 23, 2012
repository Delete unnecessary files Jan 29, 2011
sample Fixed: force commit due to line endings problem Jan 28, 2011
simbio2 Fixed: paging error on reporting module Feb 19, 2014
template Fixed cross-site scripting vulnerability. Mar 16, 2017
upgrade Update uid in biblio and adding uid support in item table. Jun 15, 2016
.gitignore Fixed: removing entry on .gitignore May 10, 2013
.htaccess Add pdf.js support for better pdf viewer. Jul 26, 2013
GPL-3.0 License.txt Fixed: force commit due to line endings problem Jan 28, 2011
README Modified: Infos about the authority May 9, 2013
changes.txt Added: pdf2swf 64bit for linux machine May 10, 2013
oai.php Fixed : OAI records response error Jun 25, 2015
oai2.php add oai2.php for indonesiaonesearch Nov 9, 2016
supports.txt Fixed: force commit due to line endings problem Jan 28, 2011 Fixed: Item status not show on reporting modules. Aug 11, 2016 Added: default UCS configuration Sep 22, 2012 Fixed: UCS command line updater cannot run because of undefined constant Apr 23, 2014


SENAYAN Library Management System (SLiMS) version 7 Codename Cendana
SLiMS is free open source software for library resources management
(such as books, journals, digital document and other library materials)
and administration such as collection circulation, collection management,
membership, stock taking and many other else.

SLiMS is licensed under GNU GPL version 3. Please read "GPL-3.0 License.txt"
to learn more about GPL.
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