dockerized xmr-stak build for ethOS or any ubuntu 14.04 varient
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Based off of docker-ethos-ethminer originally by trick77

Docker image which makes building your own or preferred version of xmr-stak for ethOS super easy without polluting your system with openCL and CUDA libraries. The resulting binary can be used to replace the existing xmr-stak binary and .so files in /opt/miners/xmr-stak of your mining rig. Make sure to backup the existing binary though. Please be aware that the new binary may get replaced with every manual update of ethOS and/or its miners.

Build the image and start the container (which will exit immediately) with docker-compose up

Building the image will take quite some time and download more than 1 GB of data. Build errors have to be fixed but shouldn't occur unless one of the referenced libraries (i.e. the CUDA toolkit) changes its name/availability.

Once the image build was successful and the container was created using the up command, the binaries can be copied from the container to the host with a simple docker cp docker-ethos-xmr-stak:/build/xmr-stak/build ./ and then transferred to a mining rig.

To rebuild without having to delete all images and start fresh (within the same cuda version / opencl version) docker-compose down && docker-compose build && docker-compose up then docker cp docker-ethos-xmr-stak:/build/xmr-stak/build ./ to copy the latest version

note: .a files in build directory are not needed. only the *.so files and xmr-stak binary