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TODO/Further Enhancements

(in no particular order)

  • Support markdown
    • support attributes (specifically different classes) in inline code blocks
  • Reusing/referencing code blocks from other code blocks.
  • Other languages?
  • Expanding/Collapsing code blocks.
  • create CSS, at least for the basic "inline"
  • supporting re-evaluation of blocks, on demand
  • support named code blocks, showing names in the document
  • decouple the styles from the code using them
  • reporting errors in literate code block properly
    • Allow for more control of how errors are reported (maybe a custom panel/fixture?)
  • Add the option to see the imported/used scripts in the file. To (optionally) nicely show references
  • Utility functions
    • Displaying tabular data easily
    • allow highlighting inputs from the code it is used in
  • Add interaction with other input types
  • add some notion/option for reuse of pages
    • entails some notion of namespaces.
  • adding support for integrating unit tests nicely.
  • Document extension points
  • for extensions: add the option to fallback to previous/default behavior
  • extensions:
    • specify a specific extension for a specific element (e.g. drawing results)
    • hook for before/after block execution
  • allow true out-of-order execution. code blocks should be able to easily reference other code blocks.
  • tooltips for inline block should show the code used for calculating it.
  • allow integration with external code
  • literate code templates.
  • add the option to easily show/hide hidden code blocks
  • for collapsed code block - tooltip that shows the code.
  • for inline code block, after evaluation - have an option to show underlying code, e.g. using a tooltip, or by clicking on it.
  • compiler/command line tool for generating a separate script out of a litjs document.
  • add the option to show hidden code blocks (by default - hidden)
  • extension to allow tracking of a variable/input in a large document.
  • bug: allow multiple classes for inline code fragments in markdown extension
  • loading and showing data files
  • better packaging for extensions?