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This contains Docker files and related configuration files for a container of neo-scan.

Dockerfile is what is used to build the docker container found on Docker Hub.

docker-compose.yml is a a fully working private network with neo-scan connected to it. It uses prebuilt images.

Privnet with GAS and with neo-scan — quick start

Note: This is a complete solution. It expects you're not already running the privnet docker image. It will set up a new one. You may need to remove your currently running docker privnet image if you already have one.

It uses the prebuilt neo-privnet-with-gas and neo-scan images.

We assuming you have Docker all set up.

Pull the repo down and cd into it

git clone
cd neo-scan-docker

Start up the container

docker-compose up

It will take some time to set up.

While you wait, add this line to your hosts file: neo-privnet

That allows you to connect to the privnet NEO nodes with the URLs returned by the neo-scan container. If you're using neo-python to connect to the privnet, you can use the standard configuration. will continue to work, for example.

OK, if you waited a few minutes, it should be ready. Check: http://localhost:4000/. You should see neo-scan with some blocks.

For information about the privnet setup, including the keys to your assets check the neo-privnet-with-gas documentation