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SlipStream REST API

The rendered SlipStream API documentation is served via GitHub Pages.

Happy SlipStream API discovery. And please contribute patches and updates :-)

Building Docs

The API documentation is built using Slate. To build the documentation and serve it locally, do the following:

# install dependencies (remove --path for system-wide installation)
$ bundle install --path vendor/bundle

# build the documentation (use bundle to ensure paths are correct!)
$ bundle exec rake build

# serve the documentation from a local server
$ cd build
$ bundle exec middleman server

Middleman will print the endpoint of the local server. It will normally be http://localhost:4567.

Publishing Docs

Before publishing the documents on GitHub Pages, be sure to remove the build directory. If you do not do this then, the publishing process will fail with an error like:

Command failed with status (1): [git push origin gh-pages...]

After removing the build directory, you can publish changes to GitHub Pages with the following command:

$ bundle exec rake publish


Old Dependencies

If you have problems installing the dependencies, you may try to update the dependency versions:

$ bundle update

This will update the Gemfile.lock file. The changes should be checked in if they are shown to work.

Multiple Ruby Versions

On the Mac, you may have multiple versions of ruby installed, which will lead to issues when installing gems. Ensure that /usr/bin/ruby is the executable available on the PATH.