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a collection of tools for GR(1) synthesis and related activities

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Scott C. Livingston <>

gr1c is a collection of tools for GR(1) synthesis and related activities. Its core functionality is checking realizability of and synthesizing strategies for GR(1) specifications, though it does much more.

gr1c depends on CUDD, the CU Decision Diagram package by Fabio Somenzi and others.



Releases are posted at

A different location may eventually be chosen, but that URL will be valid at least until the year 2015. Pre-built binaries for several platforms are available, though the preferred distribution form is as a source bundle.

Building from Source

Detailed installation instructions are available in the documentation (see below). This section provides an outline.

For building entirely from source code, CUDD (see above) should be placed in a directory called "extern". The variable CUDD_ROOT in Makefile should indicate this directory and may need to be adjusted. Be sure that similar flags are used for compiling both gr1c and CUDD. In particular, SIZEOF_VOID_P and SIZEOF_LONG need to be set to the sizes (in bytes) of void pointer (void *) and long int on your system. gr1c ships with a Makefile that has these set for Intel x86 64-bit, which will likely succeed for Linux x86_64 and Mac OS X. More generally, it should suffice to copy your setting of XCFLAGS in the Makefile of CUDD to the variable CUDD_XCFLAGS in the Makefile of gr1c.

Once CUDD is built, all gr1c programs may be built and installed

$ make all
$ make install expinstall

The latter expinstall installs experimental tools, like grpatch. The default installation prefix is /usr/local. Adjust it by invoking make with something like prefix=/your/new/path.

A test suite is available. To run it, after building gr1c,

$ make check

Each testing step is reported if the environment variable VERBOSE is set to 1. E.g., try VERBOSE=1 make check.

Examples and Documentation

Many examples are provided. Begin by reading examples/README.txt.

Documentation is available under the doc directory and is built using Doxygen; version 1.8.0 or later required for Markdown support. To build it, try

$ make doc

and the result will be under doc/build. Snapshots are occasionally posted at


This is free software released under the terms of the BSD 3-Clause License. There is no warranty; not even for merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. See LICENSE.txt for copying conditions.

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