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ConfigThePenguin is a toolbox for automating the installation and configuration processes of Arch Linux and Debian. It also contains my personal dotfiles and a bunch of handy scripts. Find more information on the project's webpage.

Table of contents


Script options

Only the script needs to be executed. Help can be printed with the -H or --help arguments.

  • Syntax: ./ <argument 1><argument 2> <argument 3>
  • Arguments 1
    • -a Arch Linux
    • -d Debian
    • -m Multi
  • Arguments 2
    • . dotfiles
    • d drivers
    • p packages
    • s settings
  • Arguments 3
    • For Drivers
      • lenovo-x250 drivers for Lenovo ThinkPad X250
    • For Packages
      • -A | --all select all suboptions
      • -d | --development software/hardware development
      • -g | --gui graphical user interface
      • -m | --media audio and video
      • -n | --network web surfing, WiFi, VPN
      • -u | --utils archive extractors, clients, readers
    • For Settings
      • base16 clone repository from GitHub
      • bluetooth disable permanently Bluetooth
      • firefox print details add-ons
      • mpd create directories for MPD
      • rtorrent create directories for rTorrent
      • vim install plugins
      • xmonad compile xmonad with the main configuration file
      • zsh change the current shell to Zsh


Examples of classical installations:

  • Arch
  • Debian
    1. ./ -dp -A
    2. ./ -m.
    3. ./ -ms -A
    4. ./ -dd <PC>


The repository is divided into several directories:


  • xmonad xmonad-contrib
  • rofi


The content of this project is licensed under the GPL license.