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ReporTeX is a helper and a class which are designed for writing LaTeX reports faster and to focus as much as possible on the content and not on the layout. Feel free to check out the ReporTeX webpage.

Table of contents


  • A TeX distribution
  • An editor
  • Python
    • colorama

How to start

  1. Download the ReportMaker
    • Option 1: Download the full repository: git clone git://
    • Option 2: Download only the ReportMaker
  • Download the last version of the class if you downloaded only the ReportMaker: python -d
  • Create a new report: python reportmaker -n
  • Generate the [makefile]: python reportmaker -m


The following files and folders will be created after executed the commands described in the How to start section.

  • makefile Makefile
  • report/ Main folder
    • assets/` Non-TeX files
      • codes/ Source code
      • graphics/ TikZ files
      • images/ Figures
      • tables/ Tables
    • back/ Back
    • chapters/ Chapters
    • prelims/ Prelims
  • reportex.cls LaTeX class
  • report.tex Main file


  • ReportMaker
    • -d, --download: download the ReporTeX class
    • -h, --help: show the help
    • -m, --makefile: generate the makefile
    • -n, --new: create a new report
    • Usage: python <option>
  • Makefile
    • archive-tar: compress the files in a .tar.gz archive
    • archive-zip: compress the files in a .zip archive
    • build-full: clean and compile
    • build-simple: compile only the main file
    • clean: remove the odd files
    • view: read the PDF
    • Usage: make <option>


The content of this project is licensed under the GPL license.