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Land Use Change Matrix - Vietnam Documentation

The requirements for the VietnamSLMS include the periodic computation of a LandUse Change Matrix (originally called Forest-Change-Matrix) Since this process is useful also for other countries the following country specific documents will become the generic documentation of a statistical portal feature.

The current (August 2015) statistic system is designed to support only Zonal statistics, a LUCM requires some more developments. The approaches identified are two:

  1. Hacking the existing zonal stats engine, using as a data layer one of the two time instances involved in the LUCM computation [PRO: less stuff to develop - CONS: the system "hides" an interesting functionality and it's more difficult to mantain]

  2. Implement a new component specific for the LUCM computation, relying on the libraries already used, and externalize its configuration in the adminGUI. [PRO: system acquires an interesting new functionality to expose out-of-the-box - CONS: more stuff to develop]

Seems wise to go through the second option.

  1. Forest Change Matrix Definition
  2. Landcover Change Matrix generation
  3. Landcover Change Matrix generation OLD-REJECTED
  4. Landuse Change Matrix - Client side data retrieval

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