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ResKnife (Carbon & Classic):
* quit doesn't check for files to save (unverified, seems to check front window on 9.1 - don't know about others)
* files without a resource fork (inc. DF-based resource files) crash upon opening
* when saving a file, the temporary file cannot be deleted because it is open. I cannot find where I open it without closing it again.
* there's a crash on quit when there's an unsaved file open
temporary file handling is not very good. make it cooler.
should pass plug-ins a copy of the data handle, not the real thing
window header text non-existant
Revert Resource menu item not plugged in
should call memset() not BlockZero() on pre 8.5 systems (and include strings.h)
ResKnife (Carbon Only):
DataBrowser still doesn't draw the line at the top
choosing debugging menu items doesn't checkmark them
cannot drag items into/out of the data browser
ResKnife (Classic Only):
no column sorting
no GWorld support or clipRgn managment
headers don't toggle (Appearance)
no headers present (non-Appearance)
All Editors
* only have carbon support
Hex Editor:
closing winodow sometimes (rarely) causes crashes. cause unknown
Template Editor:
* some fields are not saved (elaborate)
* does not save repeating templates (I really need help with this)
* cannot handle Hxxx, P0xx, Cxxx
multi-line strings do not cause the text box to expand (anyone know how to make this work?)
PICT Editor:
Window doesn't have minimum size
Window is not resizable, has no scrollbars either
* denotes important bug (e.g. reproducable crasher, loss of data, et cetera)
I am currently working to eliminate these asterisked bugs, the others I'm not so bothered about yet.
I shall soon begin implementing an event mechanism for the editors which doesn't use CarbonEvents, allowing me to release the Classic build with some editors. (Fear not all you System 7.1-ers!)
please send bug reports (or better yet, contribute code) to
One-time only bugs:
choosing save after editing a data fork caused only 2 of 14 resources to be saved.
clicking in the hex window does weird things to the selection. No selection was present, and the insertion point was not visible either. Typing subsequently deleted everything after where I typed, but no character appeared
ResKnife (Cocoa):
* Setting a type which is longer than four bytes on one resource will cause all resources below it to not be saved.
- (should require user to enter no more or less than four bytes, use formatter objects' isPartialStringValid: method)
* create new resource sheet not yet implemented
* no editors