Alpha testers program for the Slock App minimum viable product.
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Welcome to our program, it is a pleasure to see you here.

We work to enable new sharing experiences and provide you with a glimpse of how blockchain technology can power new ideas.

Because the app is still in the alpha stage, some things might still be puzzling or seem unpolished. We would love to get your feedback on your experiences. Reach us via slack or just create an issue here on our Github. - the Smart Sharing Network

In the rise of mobile and tablet controlled objects like smart houses and drones, it sounds sensible to create a smart platform in which people can profit from the shared access to those assets. That is

The mechanism represents IoT devices as physical assets, with a set of smart contracts. The App onboards this mechanism and brings its potential to the public. It allows providers and users to rent or share anything that can be locked or controlled via mobile phones. is universal as it is public - anyone can share assets and extend its functionalities. Jump into the Github repository for more detailed information. Pi

Decentralization is one of most fundamental changes that internet technologies are facing at the moment. It minimizes the impact of cyber attacks and engages the users in making important decisions as a democratic principle.

By mixing the comfort of home automation platforms, the low cost of the raspberry pi and, the decentralization of blockchain, the Pi delivers a cutting-edge bridge to the IoT.

Get some hands-on by following our Pi guide.

Learn more

The wiki exists to guide you through the concepts of our technology, how to use it and what to do in unexpected situations.

Become a tester

If you are still not part of this, don't waste time, answer to the alpha tester survey, we will reach out.