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LICENSE - AzureMobileSampleFromStuartAndRichard.txt

Windows Azure Mobile Services - Mvvm Cross Platform Demo

This repo contains a quick MonoTouch and MonoDroid Mvvm sample that was built for a SixStepsToAzure demo.

The solution to use for the demo is the one in: /Samples/TODO/Android/Sample.sln

To get this code to build you will need to:

  • build this alongside a folder containing mvvmCross vNext - from
  • include some url and key info for your mobile service - see the PlatformSpecificService files - #error messages are included.

There are no instructions here currently about how to set up the server side script for this - sorry!

@azureCoder or @slodge may blog about this at some future point... we may also build in more functionality - authentication, push, etc

A little more info is on slide 36 in: - but only a little

<script async class="speakerdeck-embed" data-slide="36" data-id="9728da600ce60130b91d22000a1c84c8" data-ratio="1.33333333333333" src="//"></script>