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acvte wercker status

A markdown blog based off of @natew's obtvse2, which was originally inspired by svbtle, using Today theme contributed to obtvse2 by @shilov. This is basically a direct port of obtvse2 using the revel framework for go, and I don't mean for it to be any more than that. This project was just an exercise in getting comfortable with go and revel.


As of this writing, revel and acvte are still in a state of high development. They should be stable enough for a production environment, but there are no guarantees.

Getting Started

After getting started and installing go, using acvte is easy. Assuming your $GOPATH is setup correctly:

# Install the revel cli
$ go get
# Grab a copy of acvte
$ go get    
# Run locally for testing with
$ revel run
# Build a production release with
$ revel build /path/to/save/build


Configuring acvte for your database is as easy as editing src/ in your build directory. Currently, MySQL, Postgres, SQLite3 are supported. Just look for the entries starting with db., and plug in your settings. The only required items are db.driver and db.dbname as your chosen driver should use defaults for the others if they apply.


  • Figure out why auth works locally, but not remotely
  • Create a new default design (?)
  • Look into allowing environment variables for database configuration
  • Generate migrations for database schema, or at the very least, add a schema dump to git
  • Allow for MongoDB support with mgo


See the LICENSE file. alpha