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Numeric Javascript by Sébastien Loisel

Numeric Javascript is a javascript library for doing numerical analysis in the browser. Because Numeric Javascript uses only the javascript programming language, it works in many browsers and does not require powerful servers.

Numeric Javascript is for building "web 2.0" apps that can perform complex calculations in the browser and thus avoid the latency of asking a server to compute something. Indeed, you do not need a powerful server (or any server at all) since your web app will perform all its calculations in the client.

For further information, see Discussion forum:


Numeric Javascript is copyright by Sébastien Loisel and is distributed under the MIT license. Details are found in the license.txt file.


There are no dependencies for numeric.js.


Here are some of the subdirectories and their contents:

  • / holds the html/php files for the workshop/web site, license.txt, README, etc...

  • /src holds the source files. The .js files are concatenated together to produce lib/numeric.js

  • /lib holds numeric.js and numeric-min.js. These files aren't checked into the git tree because they are created from the files in the /src subdirectory.

  • /resources holds some small images, css files, etc...

  • /tools contains build/test scripts. If you're going to patch or otherwise make tweaks to numeric, you will need to use the /tools/ script. There are also a bunch of scripts to deploy to the web site, which you probably won't need.

Building and testing

If you tweak the code, you can build and test the library by running the script /tools/ If you plan to send me patches, please at least run this build script and check that all the tests pass.