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<title>Numeric Javascript</title>
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<h1>Numerical analysis in Javascript</h1>
The <a href="">Numeric Javascript</a> library allows you to perform
sophisticated numerical computations in pure javascript in the browser and elsewhere.<br><br>
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<a href="workshop.php"><img src="resources/workshop.png" width=400><br>
Numeric Workshop</a>
Each of these examples runs in the <a href="workshop.php">Workshop</a>.
<li> <a href="workshop.php?link=bf9eb195e289cf58fe226b11ff9e70d3360865f1aa1565d23990ad12673fd7de">Linear algebra</a>
<li> <a href="workshop.php?link=ca14363bad73fd337ba4e8ba6ff48b282894946396d845450e4d885cb04701c9">Complex numbers</a>
<li> <a href="workshop.php?link=f33555dc9b8f8232b567ebd6cb367f8b72e870392cc579563b6c8bd2b16015d8">Splines</a>
<li> <a href="workshop.php?link=fdd38094da018f6071cb2d51d47c7fb3de869cb5dd0b4f3b677b480ce7ffbd31">ODE solver</a>
<li> <a href="workshop.php?link=4d89edb9e548da48eaf09578f5b3a3aa215b18e3933141ff643b9b0e4865d27f">Unconstrained optimization</a>
<li> <a href="workshop.php?link=10db8ddaa8499c109058efe8aabd7b418e62b2ec5e0cfa368b9832f83b5b4166">PDE and sparse linear algebra</a>
The <a href="workshop.php">Workshop</a> is a Javascript console that can be used to experiment with
Numeric Javascript by writing a "Worksheet" of Javascript commands. This Worksheet can be saved and
shared simply by sharing a permanent link to the Worksheet.<br><br>
The Workshop also includes plotting facilities using the
<a href="">Flot</a> plotting library.
Although Javascript does not reach the same performance as native programs, the Numeric Javascript
library is carefully tuned to obtain the best possible performance for a Javascript program. You
can compare the performance of Numeric, <a href="">Sylvester</a> and
<a href="">Google Closure</a>'s
<a href="">Matrix</a>
object using our <a href="benchmark.html">Benchmark</a>.
Numeric Javascript contains a set of unit tests that are automatically run in several browsers. You can
view the <a href="report.html">report</a> that is automatically generated.
Join the discussion on our <a href="">Google Group</a>.
We have a public <a href="">github</a> repository.
<h1>About the Author</h1>
I am <a href="">S&eacute;bastien Loisel</a>.
You can use the following bibtex entry:
Author = {S{\'e}bastien Loisel},
Title = {Numeric Javascript},
howpublished = {\url{}} }
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