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#!/usr/bin/env python3
import parser as tptp
import argparse as a
import operations as o
import resolution as r
import fofTypes as f
import unification as u
import loader as l
def from_file(file):
return tptp.parse_file(file)
def from_string(string):
return tptp.parse_string(string)
if __name__ == '__main__':
parser = a.ArgumentParser(description='A simple fof solver using tptp syntax')
parser.add_argument('--file', action='store')
parser.add_argument('--jsonfile', action='store')
parser.add_argument('--formula', action='store')
args = vars(parser.parse_args())
if args['file']:
fof_data = l.parse_and_load(args['file'])
#fof_data = from_file(args['file'])
elif args['formula']:
fof_data = from_string("fof(ax,axiom," + args['formula'] + ").")
elif args['jsonfile']:
fof_data = l.load_file(args['jsonfile'])
else :
string = "fof(ax, axiom, ![X]: r(X) => ?[Y]:r(Y) ).fof(ax, conjecture, ![X]: r(X) => ?[Y]:r(Y) )."
fof_data = from_string(string)
print("input formula:",fof_data)
conjectures = []
axioms = []
for formula in fof_data:
if formula['type'] in ('axiom', 'theorem'):
formula = o.transform(formula['formula'])
elif formula['type'] in ('conjecture'):
f = formula['formula'].negate()
f = o.transform(f)
print('axioms: ', axioms)
print('conjectures: ', conjectures)
for conjecture in conjectures:
print("working on: ", conjecture)
stuff = []
stuff += axioms
result = r.proof(stuff)
if result:
print("formula is theorem")
stuff[0] = o.transform(conjecture.negate())
if r.proof(stuff):
print("formula is counter theorem")
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