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import fofTypes as f
from copy import deepcopy
def mrs_robinson(t1, t2):
""" Tries to unifiy t1 to t2, which is t1 sigma = t2.
If the algorithm fails to find a unification,
an empty sigma is returned."""
sigma = {}
while not substitute(t1,sigma) == substitute(t2,sigma):
d1,d2 = get_disagreement_pair(substitute(t1,sigma),substitute(t2,sigma))
if not d1 and not d2:
return {}
if isinstance(d1,f.Variable):
if occurs_in(d1,d2):
return None
elif isinstance(d2,f.Variable):
if occurs_in(d2,d1):
return None
return None
return sigma
def multiple_robinson(disj):
""" Returns the most general unifier for this list of terms. """
sigma = {}
#for x in terms:
# if type(x) != f.Function:
# return sigma
for counter in range(len(disj)-1):
cur_sigma = mrs_robinson(substitute(disj[counter],sigma),
if cur_sigma == None:
return None
return sigma
def substitute(term, sigma):
""" sigma is a substition containing representations of
a tree as the keys """
#import pdb
if term in sigma:
return sigma[term]
if type(term) == f.Variable:
return term
new_terms = [ substitute(child, sigma) for child in term ]
if type(term) == f.Function:
return f.Function(, new_terms)
elif type(term) == f.Relation:
return f.Relation(, new_terms)
elif type(term) == f.BinaryOperator:
[t1, t2] = new_terms
return f.BinaryOperator(term.op, t1, t2)
elif type(term) == f.UnaryOperator:
[ t1 ] = new_terms
return f.UnaryOperator("~", t1)
elif type(term) == f.Quantor:
[ t1 ] = new_terms
return f.Quantor(term.op, term.variables, t1)
def get_disagreement_pair(t1, t2):
""" gets the first unequal subterms of t1 and t2.
Both must be terms in order for this algorithm to work."""
# FIXME: Doesn't check on free variable occurences
if ( !=
return t1,t2
elif type(t1) != f.Variable and type(t2) != f.Variable:
if len(t1.terms) != len(t2.terms):
return t1, t2
for counter in range(len(t1.terms)):
dis_pair = get_disagreement_pair(t1.terms[counter], t2.terms[counter])
if dis_pair != (None, None):
return dis_pair
return None,None
def occurs_in(t1, t2):
""" returns true if t1 is a subtree of t2, otherwise false. """
if repr(t1) in repr(t2): return True
return False