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Known issues

'Unknown HZ value' warning from top/ps

It is a procps bug. This warning doesn't break anything.

emerge pygtk results in 100% cpu usage by gcc on gtk.c for inadequate amount on time (tens of hours)

This is a lack of optimization in gcc due to what it needs a lot of RAM (400mb on my amd64 desktop) in order to compile gtk.c file. Build pygtk without -O optimizations.

gcc eats ram like crazy during compilation

In order to keed down gcc appetite add the following to CFLAGS in make.conf: --param ggc-min-expand=0 --param ggc-min-heapsize=<max_ram_gcc_is_allowed_to_take>. I chose 32768. Thanks to fanoush for this hint.

Lots of devices missing

Use sys-fs/udev <= 141 (newer versions do not work with ancient 2.6.21 currently present on n8x0).

Many programs segfault on device with kernel Oops about v6_coherent_kern_range in dmesg

Your glibc is too new for diablo kernel. Either revert to <glibc-2.12 or apply commit 32cfb1 on top of diablo kernel.

/bin/sort hangs eating 100% cpu in QEMU

Currently this happens with >=coreutils-8.7. Use coreutils-8.5 instead.