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Gentoo on N8x0

This is the official page for the unofficial port of Gentoo to N8x0 internet tablets.

If you have any questions/troubles, you can find us on Freenode #maemo, #gentoo-embedded.

Bootable with X, BlueTooth, WiFi, and GPS


  • Luke Dashjr (luke-jr)
  • Marat Radchenko (slonopotamus)



We have an overlay where all tablet-related packages will be put.

You may browse it or clone from git:// (you'll need to install dev-vcs/git in order to do that).

Overlay is also available via layman.

First, install layman and git:

USE=git emerge layman

Edit/update /etc/make.conf how layman told you.

Fetch overlay:

layman -a n8x0

You can now emerge the n8x0 ebuilds.


This project would not be possible without great advices from solar on #gentoo-embedded. Also, we'd like to thank Stskeeps from #maemo, one of core maintainers of Deblet project (and, now, Mer) (and, now, Meego) (and, now, Mer again) (yes, this annoys me too).

christendoc began this project with his porting work.

slonopotamus brought us a more correct CHOST along with much better Gentoo support in general.

Luke-Jr has worked on improving support on N810, especially GPS and newer kernels.

Using in chroot

  1. Download stage3 tarball from Resources section
  2. Create folder for Gentoo. System and portage tree will take up 1GB
  3. cd in folder you just created
  4. Run tar -xvjpf stage3-armv6j-*.tar.bz2 to unpack stage.
  5. Run mount -t proc proc proc && mount -o bind /dev dev && mount -o bind /dev/pts dev/pts && cp -L /etc/resolv.conf etc && chroot . /bin/bash && env-update && source /etc/profile to prepare environment and chroot into Gentoo.
  6. Voila, you're inside Gentoo chroot.

(Note: the mount -o bind /dev/pts dev/pts bit prevents the 'out of pts' error when inside the chroot. In most other circumstances we could just 'mount -o rbind /dev dev' but busybox silently ignores the rbind option.)

Emerge any packages you want/tweak any settings you want.

You'll need to run emerge --sync before installing packages.

Read A Portage Introduction if you don't have previous experience with Gentoo