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A firefox add-on which shows the door status of a hackerspace.
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OpenSpace is a firefox add-on which shows the door status of a supported hackerspace in your browser. If you prefer the comfortable way visit the add-on website and use the button to add it to your firefox.

How does it know the status?

It downloads a list of spaces from the Space Directory from which you choose yours (or the one you're interested in). Then it looks the status up on the selected space's website.

Supported hackerspaces

Every hackerspace that has implemented the Space API and added an entry to the directory is supported.

The list grows over time and at the time this text here was written it contained these spaces:

How do I add my space to the directory?

You can add your space directly from the add-on. Click on the status dot in the add-on bar, click on 'Add a hackerspace' and type in the URL of the Space API json. Or alternatively use OpenSpaceLint.

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