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A flask template with Bootstrap 3, asset bundling+minification, starter templates, and registration/authentication. For use with cookiecutter.
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A Flask template for cookiecutter.

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Use it now

$ pip install cookiecutter
$ cookiecutter

You will be asked about your basic info (name, project name, app name, etc.). This info will be used in your new project.


  • Bootstrap 3 and Font Awesome 4 with starter templates
  • Flask-SQLAlchemy with basic User model
  • Easy database migrations with Flask-Migrate
  • Flask-WTForms with login and registration forms
  • Flask-Login for authentication
  • Flask-Bcrypt for password hashing
  • Procfile for deploying to a PaaS (e.g. Heroku)
  • pytest and Factory-Boy for testing (example tests included)
  • A simple script.
  • CSS and JS minification using Flask-Assets
  • Optional bower support for frontend package management
  • Caching using Flask-Cache
  • Useful debug toolbar
  • Utilizes best practices: Blueprints and Application Factory patterns


Home page Registration form



BSD licensed.


0.9.0 (03/06/2016)

  • Update stale requirements.
  • Add CSRF protection.
  • Run lint commmand on Travis builds.
  • Test against Python 3.5.

0.8.0 (11/09/2015)

  • Update stale requirements.
  • Add lint, clean, and urls management commands.
  • Add isort.

Thanks @andreoliw for these contributions.

0.7.0 (04/14/2015)

  • Update extension import style to flask_* as per mitsuhiko/flask#1135
  • Update stale requirements (Werkzeug, Flask-WTF, WTForms, Flask-Bcrypt, Flask-DebugToolbar, Flask-Migrate, Bootstrap, jQuery). Thanks @bsmithgall for notifying me of the critical patch to Flask-Migrate.

0.6.0 (12/01/2014)

  • Test the cookiecutter on Travis. Thanks @joshfriend.
  • Update stale requirements (Flask-WTF, Flask-Migrate, Flask-DebugToolbar)

0.5.0 (09/29/2014)

  • Fix .travis.yml.
  • Update stale requirements (Flask-WTF, WTForms, Flask-SQLAlchemy, jquery, Bootstrap)

0.4.3 (07/27/2014)

  • Add BaseFactory class.
  • Add module.
  • Tests pass on Python 3.

0.4.2 (07/27/2014)

  • Update factories to factory-boy >= 2.4.0 syntax.
  • Update stale requirements.

0.4.1 (06/07/2014)

  • Update stale requirements (Werkzeug 0.9.6, WTForms 2.0)
  • Fix unmatched div tag in home.html (thanks @level09 )

0.4.0 (04/19/2014)

  • Add ReferenceCol for less verbose foreign key columns.
  • Add SurrogatePK mixin for adding integer primary key to a model.
  • Add base Model class that has CRUD convenience methods.
  • Fix setting BCrypt encryption complexity. Tests are much faster.
  • Add Role model to show ReferenceCol usage.
  • Switch to pytest.
  • Upgrade all out-of-date requirements.
  • More test examples.
  • Remove "year" from cookiecutter.json (just change LICENSE if necessary).

0.3.2 (02/26/2014)

  • Fix static assets.

0.3.1 (02/20/2014)

  • Update default year in cookiecutter.json. Thanks @Omeryl
  • Correct testing of redirects in webtests. Thanks @Widdershin
  • Fix POST action in nav form. Thanks @Widdershin.
  • Update Bootstrap (3.1.1) and jQuery (2.1.0)
  • Optional support for bower.
  • Minified assets aren't used in dev environment.

0.3.0 (12/08/2013)

  • More modular organization: each blueprint contains its own view, models, and forms in a directory. There is still a single directory for templates and static assets.
  • Use Flask-Bcrypt for password hashing.
  • Flask-Login for authentication.
  • Simple test setup. Just create a subclass of DbTestCase.
  • Flask-Testing support.
  • Use Factory-Boy for test factories.
  • Use WebTest for functional testing.
  • Add Flask-Debugtoolbar.
  • Migrations using Flask-Migrate.
  • Caching using Flask-Cache.
  • Add error page templates (404, 401, 500)
  • Add Font Awesome 4.0.3 for icons.

0.2.0 (09/21/2013)

  • Add script
  • Add Flask-Assets for CSS and JS bundling+minification
  • Use different configs for development and production environments, controlled by the MYFLASKAPP_ENV system environment variable
  • Use Blueprints and application factory pattern. The simple branch does not use these.

0.1.0 (08/20/2013)

  • First iteration
  • Bootstrap 3 final
  • Working User model and registration
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