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Averaged perceptron classifier. Implementation geared for simplicity rather than
from collections import defaultdict
import pickle
import random
class AveragedPerceptron(object):
'''An averaged perceptron, as implemented by Matthew Honnibal.
See more implementation details here:
def __init__(self):
# Each feature gets its own weight vector, so weights is a dict-of-dicts
self.weights = {}
self.classes = set()
# The accumulated values, for the averaging. These will be keyed by
# feature/clas tuples
self._totals = defaultdict(int)
# The last time the feature was changed, for the averaging. Also
# keyed by feature/clas tuples
# (tstamps is short for timestamps)
self._tstamps = defaultdict(int)
# Number of instances seen
self.i = 0
def predict(self, features):
'''Dot-product the features and current weights and return the best label.'''
scores = defaultdict(float)
for feat, value in features.items():
if feat not in self.weights or value == 0:
weights = self.weights[feat]
for label, weight in weights.items():
scores[label] += value * weight
# Do a secondary alphabetic sort, for stability
return max(self.classes, key=lambda label: (scores[label], label))
def update(self, truth, guess, features):
'''Update the feature weights.'''
def upd_feat(c, f, w, v):
param = (f, c)
self._totals[param] += (self.i - self._tstamps[param]) * w
self._tstamps[param] = self.i
self.weights[f][c] = w + v
self.i += 1
if truth == guess:
return None
for f in features:
weights = self.weights.setdefault(f, {})
upd_feat(truth, f, weights.get(truth, 0.0), 1.0)
upd_feat(guess, f, weights.get(guess, 0.0), -1.0)
return None
def average_weights(self):
'''Average weights from all iterations.'''
for feat, weights in self.weights.items():
new_feat_weights = {}
for clas, weight in weights.items():
param = (feat, clas)
total = self._totals[param]
total += (self.i - self._tstamps[param]) * weight
averaged = round(total / float(self.i), 3)
if averaged:
new_feat_weights[clas] = averaged
self.weights[feat] = new_feat_weights
return None
def save(self, path):
'''Save the pickled model weights.'''
return pickle.dump(dict(self.weights), open(path, 'w'))
def load(self, path):
'''Load the pickled model weights.'''
self.weights = pickle.load(open(path))
return None
def train(nr_iter, examples):
'''Return an averaged perceptron model trained on ``examples`` for
``nr_iter`` iterations.
model = AveragedPerceptron()
for i in range(nr_iter):
for features, class_ in examples:
scores = model.predict(features)
guess, score = max(scores.items(), key=lambda i: i[1])
if guess != class_:
model.update(class_, guess, features)
return model