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An application for splitting MP4 files into chapters.
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MP4 Spliterator

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An application for splitting MP4 files into chapters:


Content of this ReadMe:

Getting Started


You need at least an installed Java 8 or above to run the code. You can download it from


Just download the last release and extract it in a folder of your choice, then double click the EXE file.

One of the first things the application does is to download ffmpeg. You can speed up this progress by downloading it yourself and entering the location of the downloaded file in the init wizard.

Using the Application

Splitting an MP4 into chapters is an easy process which can be done in very little clicks:

  • 1st a) Double click on a video in the Video Folder.
  • 1st b) Or open a video directly via the menu File → Open Video.
  • 2nd The video will be opened in a separate section where you can check and uncheck the chapters.
  • 3rd Click Export Chapters Separately and choose a folder. The chapters will be exported into this folder.

(More information can be found in the user manual.)


If something is missing, request it via a new issue.


Version Issues Changes Download
Future Issues
1.1.1 Issues Bugfixes Download
1.1.0 Issues Chapter merging Download
1.0.0 Issues First prototype Download

Developer Guide

To start this project in your Eclipse, do:

  1. Clone this repository
  2. Call mvn install -Pstart on maven-p2/pom.xml (Start P2 Repo.launch) to start a P2 repository locally
  3. To start the application from Eclipse do the following:
    1. Open the file and click on "Set as Active Target Platform"
    2. de.slothsoft.mp4spliterator.product/Mp4SpliteratorApp.product and click on "1. Synchronize" and then "2. Launch Eclipse Application"
  4. To build the application with Tycho
    • Run mvn clean install on the repository root
    • Or in Eclipse right click on the pom.xml and use "Run as...""Maven install"
    • The resulting EXE file is in de.slothsoft.mp4spliterator.product/target/products/de.slothsoft.mp4spliterator.product-<time>-<os>.zip and / or the folder next to the ZIP file
  5. when finished, call mvn package -Pstop to stop the P2 repository

Note: This project is a copy of the template example-eclipse-application. So if you need more information or if you like this setup, check it out!

(More information can be found in the developer guide.)

Third Party Libraries


Application icons are from icons8. The flags in the README are from H. J. Nilsson.


To get the meta data from MP4 files, mp4parser is used. Since this library doesn't support reading chapter files (yet), I tried implementing it with the help of the official spec ("chpl" box, page 30).

Example files are from here.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the MIT license for details.

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