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HamCalc 2.1

This is a port of HamCalc from it's GW-Basic Legacy code base to more modern

The goals include:

-   **Preserve the Knowledge**. We need to preserve it in a more useful format.
    Languages other than GW-Basic, to begin with.

-   **Supplement the Knowledge**. HamCalc has some bare-bones explanations that
    deserve to be expanded on and include proper WWW links to other sources.

-   **Correct the Bugs**. Also remove the cruft and fix the quirks where
    necessary and appropriate.

-   **Promote Recreational Programming**. This is a labor of love by a serious
    amateur programmer. Many people share this passion and it needs to be

Of these, the last, Promote Recreational Programming, is perhaps of the
most important goal. HamCalc is amateur programming in parallel with
amateur radio. It's serious and can lead professional quality software
without commercial interests.

In a way, HamCalc can serve as a basis for case studies in programming.
The various HamCalc programs and modules should be neat, simple and
suitable for pedagogy. People should be able to learn from the code.


The definitive version of HamCalc 129. Accept no substitutes.

This is the interesting version:


Associated with project is a wiki space, some blogs and some code repositories.

See `This Seems Irrational... But... HamCalc <>`_ which started this effort. The response was overwhelming.

Code Repositories

This is where we're starting:

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