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Website of the Wellington Irish slow session
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Session tunes

A collection of tunes for the Wellington Irish session.

A static website

This is a static website that use Jekyll to process files and generate the website. Each tune is included as a markdown file in the _tunes collection.

An example of the front-matter for Flooded Road to Glenties, in the file _tunes/, is given below:

title: Flooded Road to Glenties
titleID:    a
key: Bdor
rhythm: reel
date: 2017-01-12
location: Arrowtown Wellington
tags: slowsession
slowtuneoftheweek: 2017-01-18
mp3_file: /mp3/flooded-road-to-glenties.mp3
mp3_licence: "© Fergal Scahill. All Rights Reserved."
mp3_source: <a href="">Fergal Scahill</a>
source: Wellington
abc_source: The Session
abc: |
    X: 1
    T: The Flooded Road To Glenties
    R: reel
    M: 4/4
    L: 1/8
    K: Bdor
    |:A|FB~B2 cfec|Bcec BAFE|FB~B2 ceaf|gfeg ~f3e|
    fafe cfec|~B3A Bcfg|af~f2 fecB|cfec ~B3:|
    |:c|dB~B2 aBgB|fB~B2 ceAc|dB~B2 abaf|gfeg ~f3e|
    fafe Bcec|~B3A Bcef|a3b~f3 f|ecAc ~B3:|

Use the webpage:

to supply similar information to add new tunes to the collection. Put an MP3 file that matches the one generated by the script in the mp3 folder in order for the audio to play.

Loading changes to live website

Once you've pushed updates to the Branch: master these changes need to be incorporated to the Branch: gh-pages.

Using the website:

you can issue a Pull request to get the changes from the master branch into the gh-pages branch.

  • Select the button New pull request
  • You should now see a screen headed Compare changes
  • Set base: to gh-pages and compare: to master
    • Make sure you get these in the right order otherwise you'll downgrade the master branch to be the same as the gh-pages branch
  • If you're happy that the changes should be committed to the live website, press Create pull request
    • You should see a message like: asjl wants to merge 1 commit into gh-pages from master
  • Choose Merge pull request and then Confirm Merge
    • You should see a message like: asjl merged 1 commit into gh-pages from master 12 seconds ago
  • Check the website to make sure the changes are correct.

Open source

This code open source (released under the licence at:

You are very welcome to copy the code and customise it for your own purposes.

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