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FITS is the Flexible Image Transport System and is widely used in astronomy for holding observation data. There are many FITS I/O libraries available in a variety of languages. This is an attempt to build a FITS library for Javascript to allow FITS files to be displayed in a modern web browser. Given that FITS files have no compression they are quite large so I imagine this library will be more useful when run locally. By displaying the image using in the browser, it will be very easy to save a FITS image as a standard graphics file.


For this library to work it has two dependencies:

  • binaryajax.js -- this does the XMLHttpRequest and the bit extraction. It is created by Jacob Seidelin and is only about 6.2 kB;
  • excanvas.js -- this is used to allow canvas support on Internet Explorer (41.6 kB).


Due to web browser cross-domain security issues, any FITS file you want to read must be hosted on the same domain as the code.


You need to include the appropriate Javascript files:

<script src="binaryajax.js"></script>
<script src="excanvas.js"></script>
<script src="fits.js"></script>

Following those you can define your FITS object:

var fits = new FITS();

Next we define what happens on load:


	// Display some values
	document.getElementById('bitpix').innerHTML = this.header.BITPIX;
	document.getElementById('depth').innerHTML = this.depth;
	document.getElementById('z').value = 0;

	this.draw("FITSimage")	// Draw the image to the element with id=FITSimage

We can also bind some other events (which are chainable) e.g.:

	e.y = this.height - e.y
	var value =this.image[e.y*this.width+e.x];
	document.getElementById('status').innerHTML ='click=('+ e.x+','+e.y+')='+value;
	e.y = this.height - e.y
	var value =this.image[e.y*this.width+e.x];
	document.getElementById('status').innerHTML ='move=('+ e.x+','+e.y+')='+value;

Finally, load the FITS file. We've already defined the load event above:


FITS files

The example makes use of several FITS files. You can get these at:


Stuart Lowe works for the Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope. LCOGT is a private operating foundation, building a global network of telescopes for professional research and citizen investigations.

Some improvements have been suggested by anonymous contributors.


A Javascript library to read and display FITS files in a browser



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