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Slower News - FAQ

What is Slowernews?

These are, somehow, curated news extracting relevant trends and some edge cases for borderline nerds, that don’t want to miss out, nor spend a shit-ton of time filtering trivia.


I wanted to read something like this - an information flood is drowning our times - but I couldn't find it elsewhere. So, as most projects, it started while «scratching my own itch» and before becoming a website it lived as a markdown file.

Making sense of chaos is a sisyphean task but I see it as a way of using my procrastination positively.

How do you curate articles?

I cherry-pick articles that dissect trends or unveil lesser known trends and interesting edge cases, and are relevant, at least, for some months. It's certainly affected by my biases (I'm aware of these1) and most articles on main page were on Hacker News. The articles' listing order is not random.

How often is Slower News updated?

Only when relevant. New articles are easy to spot2 but there is a newsletter and RSS also.

Can I contribute?

Open an issue or pull request this repository with relevant links, corrections or suggestions. I'm only curating a few pages but I accept pull requests creating/curating more - if you can handle the burden of using raw HTML. For now, this is my filter to accept them.

So what pages can I create?

Ultimately, it's up to you.3


Hand coded - fully functional with JS disabled - and statically hosted at Netlify from a Github repository. Tufte CSS (adapted) with native dark mode. No images, no tracking (GDPR friendly analytics with Goatcounter) and no bloat. Ok, it uses non-standard fonts but web design is mostly typography.


  1. Western culture (European flavour), loose minimalism, loose intelectualism, centrism, agnosticism and I'm male. Architect by training, polymath by heart.

  2. New links have a different color for six months.

  3. Examples of specific pages that I would like to read but I don't have the time (or the knowledge) to curate: on Javascript, on Front-end, on Jamstack, on Ruby, on Python, on Clojure, on Haskell, on Elm, on Golang, on Architecture, on Space exploration, on Robotics, on European Union, on Poland, on Russia, on Germany, on Music, on Maths, on Arts, on Photography, on Investment, on Maps ...