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Hello! This is a short introduction for you if you want to:

  • compile
  • develop
  • translate

slowmoVideo. For everything else please go to the web page or the Google+ group.


Building for Linux

See our wiki for build instructions

Or see (outdated)

Building for Windows

Compiling slowmoVideo for Windows using MXE on Linux:

  1. Get mxe not from BUT, as long as OpenCV is not in the official branch, from (Changes by Christian Frisson)
  2. Build opencv, qt, ffmpeg and copy the fixed CMake file (avoids library names like liblibjasper) with: $ cp replaceOnTime/OpenCVConfig.cmake usr/i686-pc-mingw32/
  3. Run cmake for slowmoVideo, but now give a toolchain file: cmake .. -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=/PATH_TO_MXE/usr/i686-pc-mingw32/share/cmake/mxe-conf.cmake
  4. Compile!

Building for MacOS

take a look at README.osx for more detailed instruction


Additionally to slowmoVideo, ffmpeg.exe (32-bit build, static) is required. Download it from and put it into the same directory as slowmoUI.exe.


For this you should be in the slowmoVideo subdirectory which contains the tr/ directory. The tools (linguist, lupdate, lrelease) are available in the qt4-dev-tools package for Debian based systems.

Adding your language

To add your language xx (like fr, it), run the following command to generate the respective .ts file:

lupdate . -ts tr/slowmoVideo_xx.ts

After this you can start translating. To make slowmoVideo actually use the translation, add this entry to slowmoUI/resources.qrc:

<qresource lang="xx">
    <file alias="translations.qm">../tr/slowmoVideo_xx.qm</file>


First, run lupdate to get the newest strings to translate from the code. (Otherwise you might be translating something that does not even exist anymore.)

Then the .ts file can be translated, preferrably with qt’s Linguist, or with any other translation tool you like.

Finally, to see your translation “in action”, release the .ts file (this creates a .qm file).

lupdate src/ -ts tr/slowmoVideo_xx.ts
linguist tr/slowmoVideo_xx.ts
lrelease tr/slowmoVideo_xx.ts

Now you can push your .ts file to git.

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