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# This file defines the source of Rust / cargo's crates registry
# buildRustPackage will automatically download dependencies from the registry
# version that we define here. If you're having problems downloading / finding
# a Rust library, try updating this to a newer commit.
{ runCommand, fetchFromGitHub, git }:
version = "2016-04-29";
rev = "7fa72fc558e4c347f98a67e20cb7f639d1b83e9d";
src = fetchFromGitHub {
inherit rev;
owner = "rust-lang";
repo = "";
sha256 = "19yi28hyp8rsm9srq7y50jg27ck109159p08w18hwwal2l0xp80g";
runCommand "rustRegistry-${version}-${builtins.substring 0 7 rev}" {} ''
# For some reason, cargo doesn't like fetchgit's git repositories, not even
# if we set leaveDotGit to true, set the fetchgit branch to 'master' and clone
# the repository (tested with registry rev
# 965b634156cc5c6f10c7a458392bfd6f27436e7e), failing with the message:
# "Target OID for the reference doesn't exist on the repository"
# So we'll just have to create a new git repository from scratch with the
# contents downloaded with fetchgit...
mkdir -p $out
cp -r ${src}/* $out/
cd $out
$git init
$git config --local ""
$git config --local "example"
$git add .
$git commit -m 'Rust registry commit'