A Volume renderer that utilizes ray casting and ray marching through a 3D voxel grid to generate puffy clouds
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Volumetric Cloud

Originally created in 2009, this program first reads a text file containing initialization variables, then uses those variables to create a voxel grid data structure and uses ray marching to read lighting and density information from the grid in order to render fluffy clouds. The program was updated in 2010: the code was completely rewritten to improve efficiency, several new algorithms were implemented for voxel grid traversal, Perlin Noise was implemented to generate random clouds, and a GUI was created to make it more user-friendly (for the few users that actually stumble across it, that is).


  • Generates volumetric clouds with ray marching on a voxel density grid
  • Trilinear interpolation to produce more realistic results
  • Random cloud generator using Perlin noise
  • Can read in custom-made cloud configuration files or output current cloud as a new configuration file
  • GUI that allows the user to move the camera and see rendering progress
  • Optimized for faster speed