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DFG Viewer
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DFG Viewer

The DFG Viewer is a browser web service for displaying digitized books from remote library repositories. It has an OAI-PMH interface for exchanging meta- and structural data in the METS/MODS and METS/TEI formats.

As a result, users are provided with a uniform interface for viewing digitized media. They can browse documents, view and download the individual digital representations in various resolutions and use further options if the library provides additional data.

The DFG Viewer is based on the free CMS TYPO3 and the Digital Library Framework of Kitodo.Presentation. It can be used free of charge by anyone interested. This can either be done via the web service operated by the Saxon State and University Library Dresden or by means of a local implementation. You can find comprehensive documentations, examples and useful tips regarding both application scenarios at the project's home page.

Older releases can be found on Launchpad.

The development of the DFG Viewer is predominantly funded by the German Research Foundation.

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