contains all d:swarm projects and the content of their input data models (for testing) for the Springer Journals mappings (to UBL Intermediate Format and finc Solr schema)
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Springer Journals Mappings in d:swarm

A repository containing all related information to process d:swarm mappings that map data that conform to the Springer Journals schema.

Source Target Maps

You can find the source target maps that are related to these mappings in a Google Spreads Document.


All projects that contain mappings that map from the Springer Journals schema to a target schema.

Mappings to UBL Intermediate Format

Following projects contain mappings from Springer Journals schema to UBL Intermediate Format

(project identifier = project name)

Article Level Mappings

  • 0d0087a0-6e23-821b-3a2d-b7b1a26b0177 = new_im_springer_articles_title_rel
  • 3c740d85-f2ed-015b-872e-cf6a7db6cedc = new_intermediateschema_required
  • d790a8b8-f6d4-21de-c17d-5e196166bee3 = new_im_springer_journals_author_rel
  • 6ee74302-5838-5042-7f95-138d55bc18c4 = new_im_springer_journals_identifier_rel
  • 8b15da35-0404-c07f-a9b8-8bb32f2ccc9b = new_im_springer_journals_publisher_rel
  • 452a62b3-722c-c4cb-6f3c-731d0a7fb392 = new_im_springer_journals_content_rel

Journal Level Mappings

  • 0790a3d5-47b0-11d9-7b69-cbf7a3134f99 = im_springer_journals_jl_required
  • c0e1486a-d371-aa4a-7c85-df1dadc1bfd0 = im_springer_journals_jl_identifier_rel
  • cf950018-a0d5-2c5c-2b03-8770b107150c = im_springer_journals_jl_content_rel
  • dc101bc8-a56b-620a-0700-f6a49bd9263c = im_springer_journals_jl_title_rel
  • f72e8740-81b5-5f19-3181-7b023490d8fc = im_springer_journals_jl_publisher_rel

Mappings to finc Solr schema

Following projects contain mappings from Springer Journals schema to finc Solr schema

(project identifier = project name)

Article Level Mappings

  • 4702d82b-9416-6b0b-4b66-3370eca6a26b = finc_springer_articles_constants
  • 8a443df7-e42f-3176-828f-d62d8989bdf4 = finc_springer_articles_identifiers_related
  • cc5cbafb-f05b-0701-b245-5d3f785b9fba = finc_springer_articles_title_related
  • 886a727e-a8c8-e5e1-fcdd-517b800cffe1 = finc_springer_articles_author_rel
  • 287804a5-e96a-0fa2-52ec-8909407d4c27 = finc_springer_articles_container_rel
  • 946e7213-dfe4-7661-7b7e-45c75bb12a57 = finc_springer_articles_article_rel
  • fd7713a8-6704-9ca6-49a8-47cdddf13040 = finc_springer_articles_publisher_rel
  • d64ecf9a-52a6-c9d8-2ca5-9b130e6da0cd = finc_springer_articles_access_rel
  • 45412a00-eb03-cd10-24e7-e0126b831e1f = finc_springer_articles_fullrecord

Journal Level Mappings

  • 1d49bed3-237f-a08a-8f81-32f1e79cc9cc = springer_journals_simple_identifiers_related
  • 77d9bcaa-4935-426a-68ea-682957201ea9 = springer_journals_simple_access_format_type
  • ab2004fd-e7ca-8006-3de4-55691f09b232 = springer_journals_complex_imprint
  • b57344d8-1b73-c7c0-9d22-cf2def17a36f = springer_journals_simple_topic_related
  • cac85aea-462b-f0e3-640a-db1f258d275e = springer_journals_complex_title_related
  • dee39a92-74a5-793b-a98c-d12273451df0 = springer_journals_simple_title_related
  • e7d9dd35-1261-bd82-cd35-c6739287be4a = springer_journals_complex_url

TPU Configurations

TPU configurations that need to be completed with

There is a TPU configuration template for running TPU tasks to process mappings from Springer Journals to

Sample Data

Sample data that is utilised to test the mappings in the d:swarm Back Office UI

  • sample_data/sample_records.xml: 8 Springer Journals records processed with xem and the content/sub trees of the masked XML elements is escaped (i.e. including inline markup elements); utilised for testing the mappings to the UBL Intermediate Format
  • sample_data/sample_records_2.xml: 5 Springer Journal records processed with xem and only the content/text of the masked XML elements is contained (i.e. without inline markup elements); utilised for testing the mappings to the finc Solr schema

Projects and Data Models Content

Projects and the content of the related input data models can be inserted into a running d:swarm instance with help of the d:swarm tools


  • the mapping to the institution field makes use of a lookup function in an SQL database for retrieving the holdings information (i.e. this mapping might be excluded and/or adapted, if you apply the mapping to your institution)
  • the mapping to the fullrecord field makes use of a HTTP request function to a elasticsearch instance that contains the records mapped to the UBL Intermediate Format (i.e. this database needs to be provided upfront, if you wanna fill the fullrecord field)


The source target maps and mappings are initial implemented by gertho.