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Simon Memory Game
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Simon Game

This is an interactive representation of the Simon electronic memory game.

Getting started

It runs in the browser, just open index.html with your favorite browser or go to to try it out!

Does not work in Safari,even after a couple function rewrites. May have to scrap all of this and start over for those folks who use applebooks or mactabs or whatever they're called.


Most buttons should be self-explanatory. First turn the game on, then hitting start will either start the first game or reset the game to begin again.

Second after watching and listening to the computers pattern, attempt to repeat that pattern on the colored keys. As the game progresses, wait for the computer to finish its updated pattern as it is incremented by one after each successful pattern completion by the user.

The strict mode can be toggled on or off after the game has been turned on. Thisbutton also serves as a reset button so that if a game has started, this button WILL reset the current game.

If strict mode is OFF, any errors the player makes are handled with kid gloves and the computer will let you know you made a mistake and simply repeat the pattern for you to try again.

If strict mode is ON, once you make an error, you fail and that game is now over.

Victory Condition

If you score twenty points you win!

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