Bayesian Psychometric Curve Fitting Tool
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Bayesian Psychometric Curve Fitting tool

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Authors:Michael Slugocki


Slugocki, M., Sekuler, A.B. and Bennett, P., 2019. BayesFit: A tool for modeling psychophysical data using Bayesian inference. Journal of Open Research Software, 7(1), p.2. DOI:

API documentation:

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An article on BayesFit has now been published in the Journal of Open Research Software! See:

Patch Notes

  • 19/11/2018 - fixed issue arising when user provides priors that are extremely off the mark
  • 15/11/2018 - file now requires modules to be installed

Release Notes

Release 2.3 (noteable mentions):

  • Now uses numerical integration to avoid convergence errors
  • Removed PyMC3 dependency
  • Mulitple new functions have been written for fitting, plotting, and extracting metrics
  • Full API documentation now available

BayesFit provides a simple and easy to use interface to fit and plot psychometric functions using Bayesian inference via numerical integration.

Important links

Basic Installation [Linux/ Windows/ macOS]

Packages required (versions specified in requirements.txt): Numpy Matplotlib Scipy

To install required packages if the versions are out of date, or not installed in your working environment, first download the requirements.txt file in this repository. Then navigate to the directory that contains the downloaded text file using the command-prompt. Then type:

pip install -r requirements.txt

RECOMMENDED: BayesFit and required packages may be installed from the Python Package Index using pip.

pip install bayesfit

Alternatively, if required packages are already installed on your system, BayesFit can be installed via:

git clone --recursive
cd bayesfit
python install

Upgrading BayesFit

Simply type:

pip install bayesfit -U