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domf - Dumb pOMF clone

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This script is a one php file (+config) that allows you to upload files to a host with pomf protocol.

This script does support:

  • Uploading multiple files
  • Filtering mime-types
  • JSON answers
  • Short URLs
  • No database needed

This script does not support:

  • Other responses than JSON
  • Upload from the webbrowser
  • Users, authentication, etc.


Just copy the script to some location and edit config.php files. Variables should be self explained.

If you want, you can also merge config.php and index.php files by doing so:

mv index.php index_.php
cat config.php index_.php > index.php
rm config.php index_.php

You can now freely move index.php file.


If you want to "secure" your script, you can put it in a random location, such as

>>> import uuid
>>> str(uuid.uuid4()).replace('-','')

You should also use https protocol in order to prevent someone sniffing the URL.

Once you've done that, change the upload_path to some other location.

Short URLs

Short URLs are relying on symbolic links, so operating support for symbolic link is needed if you want short URLs.


Main usage is with pomf clients since there is no web interface. It works well from ShareX.