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WG21 Proposals and Drafts
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This repository contains all papers and proposals for WG21 that cannot have a proof of concept implementation, either because of the simplicity, subject matter, or in some cases, due to their being opinion pieces. In some cases, proof of concepts may be moved to their own repository, while keeping the proposal here. This would greatly reduce the need for one to search for my various proposals.


Papers are currently written in the bikeshed format. Drafts are located in the drafts directory and do not have a number. Once assigned a number, they are moved to the proposals directory, where they keep their current name.

Current Proposals

Number Title Standard Status
P0468 Intrusive Smart Pointer C++23 (UGH) Sent to LEWG
P1272 Byteswapping for fun&&nuf C++20 Sent to LWG
P1273 86 The Absurd (From Exceptions) Post C++23 Not Yet Presented
P1274 A Bang For The Buck? C++23 Not Yet Presented
P1275 Desert Sessions C++23(?) Pending SG16 Papers
P1276 Void Main Dependent on Modular Main EWGI Feedback
P1277 Subscripts on Parade C++23 EWG Feedback
P1278 offsetof for the Modern Era C++23 Not Yet Presented
P1279 std::breakpoint C++23 Not Yet Presented
P1280 Integer Width Literals C++20 Sent to LWG
P1281 Feature Presentation N/A Withdrawn/Postponed
P1282 Ceci N'est Pas Une Pipe: Workflow Operators C++23 Not Yet Presented
P1283 Sharing is Caring C++23 EWGI Feedback
P1302 Implicit Module Partition Lookup C++20 Not Yet Presented
P1303 Inline Module Partitions C++23 Rejected (Refocusing for Conditional Imports)
P1304 Simplify Extern Template C++23 Not Yet Presented (Bad Wording)
P1305 Deprecate the Addressof Operator C++20 Rejected

Current Drafts Or Planned Papers

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