Sine is an unfinished remake of Asteroids.
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Sine is an unfinished remake of Asteroids that I've made using C++ and SFML.


In-game High score entry
Firing at some Asteroids in Sine Entering initials on the high score screen after beating a score


Prebuilt binaries for Windows can be found here.

Default controls

Action Key
1 Player Start 1
2 Player Start 2
Rotate Left A
Rotate Right D
Thrust W
Fire Photon E
Hyperspace Space
Left Coin 🡨
Center Coin 🡫
Right Coin 🡪
Fullscreen F11
Exit Esc


Sine was designed to compile with SFML 2.4.2 under MinGW-w64 7.1.0 POSIX Threads using the C++14 flag.

What's with the strange constants?

The vector and text constants were made with Sine Toolkit.

License information

This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT License.
SFML is licensed under the terms of the zlib/png license.