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Panic is a script to panic sell cryptocurrencies.

  1. Download or clone this repository and run npm install to install dependencies.
  2. Open the config.json file and add the API keys for your exchanges.
  3. Run npm start to launch the script.

As long as the trade property in config.json is set to false, Panic will only show you what transactions would be executed without actually placing any orders. If you set it to true, orders will be executed without prompting for confirmation.

In config.json you can also specify your target currencies. The default setting is ["EUR", "USD", "USDT", "BTC"] which means that Panic will try to exchange each token for Euros first. If that pair is not available for trading on the exchange, it will try to exchange for USD, then for USDT, etc. I recommend leaving BTC as the final option so that if a token can't be directly exchanged for fiat, it will be exchanged for Bitcoin. You can then run the script again to exchange your remaining Bitcoins for fiat. You can also overwrite the global target setting for individual exchanges.

Panic is powered by CCXT and requires Node.js 8 or higher.