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Commits on Sep 10, 2012
  1. add ftdetect

    slyphon committed Sep 10, 2012
Commits on Oct 18, 2010
  1. Version 0.1.0

    dangra authored and vim-scripts committed Sep 3, 2009
    a lot of improvements made by Ingor Karkat <swdev{AT}ingo-karkat{DOT}de>
    - Added confluenceImage.
    - confluenceCode, confluenceQuote and confluenceVerbatim tags are now
      highlighted as tags, not the formatting they create.
    - confluenceLink now supports optional labels and tips with different
    - Adjusted confluenceHeading, confluenceHeadingMarker, confluenceList,
      confluenceFixed and confluenceLink highlightings to other wiki syntax
    - BF: confluenceLink is unbounded, i.e. need not be surrounded by whitespace
    - Added spelling support.
    - BF: confluenceHeading only supports 1-6.
    - BF: confluenceTag parameter names can also contain '-'; parameter values can
      contain any character except '|' or '}'.
    - Expanded highlighting of confluenceTag to highlight (optional) parameters
      and their values, similar to HTML tag attributes.
    - confluenceComment tags are now highlighted as tags, not the formatting they
    - BF: No spell error on {HTMLcomment}, {code} and {noformat} tags.
    - BF: Applying top-level formatting inside confluenceComment and
      confluenceQuote, (but not for confluenceCode and confluenceVerbatim).
    - BF: Allowing optional parameters for confluenceCode and confluenceVerbatim.
    - BF: Added 'keepend' for confluenceQuote.
    - Added highlighting for confluenceEmoticons.
    - BF: Added additional allowed characters after confluenceEmphasis and
      confluenceFixed: !()[]{}
    - Added matching and highlighting for confluenceCitation, confluenceStrike,
      confluenceUnderlined, confluenceSuperscript, confluenceSubscript.
    - ENH: Escaped (via '&#039) markup is not highlighted any more.
    - Added confluenceEscaping to highlight the escape character '&#039.
    - BF: confluenceSeparator: horizontal ruler must be exactly 4 dashes, but can
      be surrounded by whitespace in the line.
    - BF: Emphasis must contain at least one non-emphasis character (i.e. an empty
      emphasis is not rendered). Added after-match atom to
      Added confluenceSymbols for ndash (--) and mdash (---).
    - ENH: Added highlighting for confluenceTableHeader (which can include other
    - ENH: confluenceImage now supports highlighting of image link (like a
      confluenceLink) and optional parameter names and values.
  2. Version 0.0.1: Initial upload

    dangra authored and vim-scripts committed Aug 16, 2007