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Modify syslogoutputter to abstract away from exposing the underlying syslog interface.
Merge log4r project changes from github, including NDC and GDC
From the github project README:
=== NDC
NDCs are per thread, and can be set by:
Then in the configuration xml it can be used:
Which will output the top most diagnostic message on the NDC stack.
Based on the log4j NDC implementation:
=== GDC
We also added a Global Diagnostic Context for per application diagnostic messages.
Log4r::Logger.GDC = "app1"
Then in the configuration xml it can be used:
log4_logging.rb uses this to set the message to be the name of the rails application.
This can be useful for sorting messages if logs for multiple applications are
aggregated at a single point,
for example in something like Splunk.