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Version History
*** 0.6 ***
- Adding a new mode for the StringKeyAnalyzer & Co. that makes them
evaluate only the lower 8 bits of a character which should greatly
improve the performance if non 16bit characters are being used.
- Adding a new ByteArrayKeyAnalyzer for variable length keys.
- Changing the ByteArrayKeyAnalyzer for constant length keys a bit
which should improve the performance a bit.
NOTE: This version breaks serialization backwards compatibility.
*** 0.5 ***
- Fix for an another serialization bug that was affecting prefixMap (found thanks to cmoen)
*** 0.4 ***
- Fix for serialization (found thanks to gunebakan)
*** 0.3 ***
- Simplifying the KeyAnalyzer interface
- Adding a new Key interface
- Changing some Trie interfaces
- Switching to Java 6
NOTE: This version is not backwards compatible to 0.2!
*** 0.2 ***
- Adding CharArrayKeyAnalizer (contributed by David Lloyd)
*** 0.1 ***
- Initial Release
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