A library for reading and writing TIFF image files in common lisp
Common Lisp
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Retrospectiff2 which now uses opticl-core and adds the retrospectiff2 package


Retrospectiff is a common lisp library for reading, and, hopefully,
one day, writing images in the TIFF (Tagged Image File Format)

The git repository can be found at:


See the test directory for examples of using the read-tiff-file and
write-tiff-file functions.

The following types of images can be read and written:

* bitmap images
* grayscale images (8 or 4-bits per pixel)
* RGB, and ARGB images (8- or 16-bits per pixel)

The following compression schemes are supported:

* None (uncompressed images)
* packbits
* deflate (read only)
* JPEG (read only)

Planned features include:

 * Writing more formats of TIFF images
 * Performance enhancements

For additional examples of using the retrospectiff API, check out the
opticl <http://github.com/slyrus/opticl> library.