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Releases: slytechs-repos/jnetpcap-pro

v0.9 (JDK19)

13 Apr 01:19
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This is pre-release of jnetpcap-pro module. The pro module extends that open-source jnetpcap v2 module and adds protocol level APIs, implementation and services.

JDK19 support only

This release will only work with JDK19, as its dependent on JDK19's Foreign Function preview feature. The FF feature has changed in JDK20 which makes the implementation of this module incompatible. However we release this anyhow, so at least, an early version of this API is available for JDK19.

What's Included

  • A protocol packet handler which provides packet handling services for high level protocol enabled packets
  • A packet dissector which provides detailed information about the protocol headers within each packet
  • PacketDescriptorType.TYPE2 which provides per protocol details for each packet
  • IPF tracking and reassembly API, but in v0.9 with partial implementation


Full Changelog: