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Panel indicator (GUI) for YandexDisk CLI client for Linux
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Desktop panel indicator for YandexDisk CLI client for Linux


See installation instruction in Wiki


English, Russian, Greek, Bulgarian, Belorussian.

Everybody welcome to translate it to other languages!


Indicator code assumes that:

  • is copied to /usr/bin/yandex-disk-indicator and marked as executable (chmod a+x ...)
  • fm-actions/ and icons/ folders, ya-setup files are located in /usr/share/yd-tools folder
  • *.desktop files were placed in /usr/share/applications folder
  • compiled language files (translations/*.mo) are located in the system depended folders (i.e. usr/share/locale/{LANG}/LC_MESSAGES/ in Linux)
  • ya-setup utility translations files (translations/ya-setup*.lang) are located in /usr/share/yd-tools/translation folder NOTE: All action above can be done via running of build/ script
  • indicator settings are stored in ~/.config/yd-tools/yandex-disk-indicator.conf (file is automatically created on the first start).

build - everything that need to build the .deb package or source.changes file (only change key for signatures). Additional tools are required: devscripts, debhelper and dput (if you want to upload package, for example, to launchpad PPA).

  • - script to install the indicator
  • - creates the package build/instalation image in build/yd-tools/
  • - clean build directory
  • - creates DEB package
  • - prepares sources for publication
  • - prepares sources and publish it to my ppa

See the wiki page for details:

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