Small change to BootstrapHtmlHelper & Rework of CopyShell #34

merged 4 commits into from Apr 20, 2012

2 participants


1) BootstrapHtmlHelper output icon as attribute when passed to link method - unset before generating link
2) change some method names in keeping with Coding Standards
3) Various options for copy shell:
a) Theme support including output to webroot/theme/ThemeName
b) can copy all, less, images or js

I have also tried to enable the many of the same options to the MakeShell in a new branch



Your MakeShell is good!

@slywalker slywalker merged commit ff6fa0a into slywalker:master Apr 20, 2012

sweet. Planning on pushing tests soon and am keen to try some stuff with @dereuromark's helper too

I had an idea to make the shell be able to use lessphp but feel that will overcomplicate things those wishing to do that should use AssetCompress.

more soon :)

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