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sm-mustache - Mustache template command line
sm-mustache [options]
-data="{key1=value1}:~{key2=value2}": key=value data pair, overrides json file data
-json="{string}": json data string
-output="{file}": path to output file
-template="{file}": path to template file
-data|--data "{key1=value1:~key2=value2}
Assign a value to a given key for the template rendering
-json|--json "{string}"
To be implemented
-output|--output "{file}"
specify the output file to write the rendered template to
-template|--template "{file}"
specify the template file to use
sm-mustache will read the given template file, and using the given data render
it to the specified output file location.
package main
import (
var json = flag.String("json", "{string}", "json data string")
var template = flag.String("template", "{file}", "path to template file")
var output = flag.String("output", "{file}", "path to output file")
var data = flag.String("data", "{key1=value1}:~{key2=value2}", "key=value data pair, overrides json file data")
var mapped_data map[string]string
func main() {
mapped_data = make(map[string]string)
//Error checking on arguements passed in
if *template == "{file}" {
log.Fatal("ERROR: A template file location must be specified with --template={{path to template file}}")
} else {
file, err := os.Open(*template)
if file == nil && err != nil {
log.Fatalf("ERROR: Unable to open template file '%s'", *template)
//Split up the data set passed in
each_set := strings.Split(*data, ":~")
for i := range each_set {
split_data := strings.Split(each_set[i], "=")
if len(split_data) > 1 {
mapped_data[split_data[0]] = split_data[1]
file_data := mustache.RenderFile(*template, mapped_data)
if *output != "{file}" {
out_file, err := os.Create(*output)
if err != nil {
log.Fatalf("ERROR: Unable to create output file %s", *output)